This past November, Tavares Group Consulting attended the Canadian Association for Surface Finishing (CASF) 2019 Conference. The 2019 conference theme was risk, resilience, and sustainability, for which Staarsoft® is an essential management tool. 

The CASF Conference is a networking and learning event for industry finishers, suppliers, government officials, and environmental and technical experts. Several expert guests speak and host discussions on common practices and regulations, both existing and upcoming. Conference sessions include topics from financial market prospects and weather and climate change.

Has your company considered the importance of environmental liabilities in your sustainability strategy? Barry Weintraub of Rueters LLP shared the importance of avoiding environmental liabilities such as clean-up costs, loss of production, and environmental penalties; it’s also vital for maintaining good CSR relations and brand image – all potential criteria for materiality assessment. Sustainability strategy is a due diligence defence. Staarsoft® includes compliance as a key principle in the implementation of a sustainability strategy.

Mark Jasper of GHD North America spoke on emergency management to drive compliance. An emergency management program mitigates risks, enables preparedness, anticipates necessary response, and ensures recovery. Identification of potential liabilities such as emergencies, stakeholder priorities, and risk is a first step in a sustainability strategy, and Staarsoft® can help!

Tavares Group Consulting offers customizable and scalable solutions to assist organisations in their pursuit of corporate sustainability and sustainable development. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) services include gap analysis/benchmark assessments, Staarsoft® sustainability action planning and implementation software, corporate responsibility and sustainability reporting, and assurance services. If you would like to receive more information on how we can help your organisation meet its sustainability goals, and a free ‘Sustainability Toolkit’ booklet about our unique approach, contact us!