Welcome to the Staarsoft® Software Blog

Welcome to the Staarsoft® Software Blog

Welcome to our new blog, where you will find information on how to address sustainability within your organisation, testimonials on the software, and the latest Staarsoft® software updates! What is Staarsoft® Software? Staarsoft® software is the digital version of the...

Energy & Sustainability Staarsoft Solutions

Energy & Sustainability Staarsoft Solutions

The energy industry is at the forefront of sustainability consciousness and central to the global economy. In 2017, global energy investment totalled US$1.8 trillion according to the 2018 World Energy Investment report.  Across several sectors, corporations,...

Sustainability Engagement in Post-Secondary Education

Sustainability Engagement in Post-Secondary Education

As engagement with sustainability programs among Canadian colleges and universities is on the rise, researchers are beginning to explore the factors that actively contribute to tangible progress. Sustainability and Education Policy Network (SEPN) conducted a study to...

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What’s your sustainable strategy template?

Everyone has a management system, whether informal (e.g., processes and procedures) or formal (e.g., certified management systems such as ISO 9001 for quality, 14001 for environment, or 45001 health & safety) that can be used to manage a number of sustainability...

Creating A Sustainability Strategy: Where to Start?

It is undeniable that well-defined sustainability practices are becoming less and less of an optional program for organizations to adopt and, more and more of an essential core business practice. Society is looking to companies to invest in Environmental...

What Does Sustainability Mean In Your Organization?

When it comes to adopting sustainability practices, companies often get stuck before even getting started, given the difficulty of defining what sustainability even means . “There is a crippling vagueness about what sustainability means,” said Geoffrey...